The company's office is located at central Bombay in Dadar area. Factory is located at Vasai, a suburb of Bombay, 30 miles from office or 20 miles from Bombay airport.

Company has the most modern factory producing high quality Menthol Crystals large conforming to IP / BP / USP specifications. The present capacity for Menthol Crystals is 84 M.Tons per month besides 42 tons of Dementholised Peppermint Oil. Manufacturing facilities include distillation-cum-fractional columns, chilling plants, crystallisers, centrifuges, menthol powder making facilities, driers, etc.

Our products find buyers and users in all the continents of the globe. Our major markets are East Asian Countries, European Countries and U.S.A.

In our factory for manufacturing of Menthol and DMO (Peppermint Oil) we carry out a number of processes:

Fractional distillation under vacuum is initially carried out and then fractional chilling under controlled temperatures takes place. Fractional crystallization under temperature programming ensures that the manufacturing process is accurate. Centrifuging is performed for collection of the crystals. Drying and grading in dust free environment ensures the purity of the product. Quality checks such as G.L.C., polarimeter, refractrometer, wt./ml. Etc at various stages ensure the quality standards that we are well known for. Packing in dust free rooms gives an assurance of preservation of quality of the final prduct on our behalf.


  1. Chilling plants.
  2. Boiler.
  3. Thermopac (Thermic fluid heating system).
  4. Material handling equipments like fork lift truck, electric hoists etc.
  5. D. M. Water plant and water softener.
  6. Electric substation.
  7. D. G. Set for captive power generation.