Name of Product : Peppermint Oil
Description : Colourless to Pale Yellow Liquid having pleasant peppermint like odour. Pleasant taste pungent followed by a cooling sensation.
Solubility : 1 ml. dissolves in 3.5 to 4.0 ml, 70% Alcohol.
Acidity / Alkalinity : Neutral.
Specific Optical Rotation : -18o TO -33o
Specific Density : 0.892 TO 0.910
Total Menthol by GLC : 50 PCT Min.
Storage Conditions : Store in well closed containers away from heat & direct sunlight & in a room temperature not exceeding 30oC
Shelf Life : 5 years from date of manufacture.
Standard Packing : Packed in G.I.Drums having 180 Kgs. net each.
Application : Used as a Flavoring Agent in Tooth Paste, Pharmaceuticals Confectionery.
Harmonized Tariff No. : Excise Tariff No.3301.2590.