Name of Product : Menthol Fine Crytals IP/BP/USP Natural
Appearance : Fine Free Flowing Crystals, Terpene Free.
Odour : Mint odour, followed by sensation of cold.
Solubility : Very soluble in alcohol (95%), in solvent ether, and in Chloroform, freely soluble in liquid Paraffin
and essential oils.
Acidity/Alkalinity : A 50% solu.(w/v) in alcohol (95%) is neutral to litmus solution.
Melting Range 42oC to 44oC
Non-Volatile Matters : Not more than 0.05%
Specific Optical Rotation : -49o to -50o
L-Menthol by G.C. : 99.4% Min.
Storage Conditions : Store in well closed containers away from heat & direct sunlight & in a room temperature not exceeding 30oC.
Shelf Life : 5 years from date of manufacture.
Standard Packing : Packed in fiber / paper drums with inside polybag having 25.00 Kgs. Net.
Application : Used as a flavoring agent in Toothpaste,Pharmaceuticals (IP, BP, USP Std.), Balms, Tobacco Products, Confectionery.
Harmonized Tariff No. : Excise Tariff No.2906.11 00